Nolle Prosequi Vs Legal Memorandum


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I have Nolle Prosequi from Felony C charges against me. I am traveling outside the United States. Upon return, I will show Nolle Prosequi document to the officer, if asked. I recently contacted an immigration attorney who says that CBP officers do not understand/consider Nolle Prosequi document, he will prepare a separate legal memorandum for CBP offcier/immigration court. Is that true? Do they not accept/understand Nolle Prosequi? I have not heard any of such separate memorandum for CBP in this forum, all I read is Nolle Prosequi.


Legals, please advise. Thanks!

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Hi .

.Did you went outside of USA. What about your visa stamping and POE. Please share me. This week I am travelling to India for stamping with the shoplifting downgraded to break of peace. VisA officer what I have to explain about my case.

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