Planning to Jamaica for H1B stamping. Need help!!!


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I'm planning to Jamaica for H1B stamping in march 2nd week. Can anyone please help me in clarifying my questions. Please point me to some forum links if already on this forum.


1. May i know latest available date in Jamaica?

2. How many days we will get Jamaica visitor visa? What kind of questions they will at Jamaica port of entry for visitor          visa?

3. can anyone please give me any accommodation details near US consulate?

4. Can anyone please give me documents checklist we need to carry for H1B stamping?

5. Do we need to take to and fro ticket? Is there any Chance to get refundable return ticket on any travel agent site?

6. Finally are there any rejections of 221Gs in recent days. If so, please share your experience or point me to related         links.


Sorry for big list of questions but all these are in my mind. Can anyone please help in above questions.



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All the answers are posted by many members. Please search the forum.


1. As of today starting 24-Feb

2. For Jamaica Visa on Arrival.

3. You can search airbnb for accomodation. It's like paying guest and turns to be cheaper.

4. Ask your employer. It's same as every other consulate.

5. Return ticket is must. Without return ticket you will not be allowed to enter Jamaica. Buy return ticket seperately as refundable which can be cancelled later for full refund. Check with airlines before booking.

6.Search the forum. This shouldnt be issue if you are proper documentation.

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