E3 Visa - Change of employer

Chandra S P

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Hello -


  I am looking at filing for a new E-3  because of a Change of Employer. I have few questions related to this:


1) Is change of employer considered as a new application and is it counted against the E3 cap again?

2) Is premium processing service available for E-3 visa? I have seen conflicting opinions on the web about premium processing not available for E3.

3) Where should the application with change of employer be mailed, to Vermont or California service center.


Thank you.

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Below two answers are replied based on internet posts:


1)Yes it is counted against the E3 cap however the limit is not reached so far.
2) Premium processing is not available for E-3 visa

3) Not sure about this question.


Hi, I am trying to change employer as well. I have been suggested to go outside the country and return as if we apply in US it is time consuming process and cannot work until it is approved. I was advised to notify the officer at the port of entry to US about the employer change by providing new LCA and Petition letter. will this work? did you apply a new E-3 application in USCIS overseas? Please advise as I am struggling with required info and researching online. Thanks in advance

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