Travel to US Virgin Islands without H1 stamp


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My husband and I are planning to visit US Virgin Islands.

We are on H1 and our H1s are valid till 2016. But we dont have a visa stamp on our passports.


I was initially on H4, then converted to H1. So my passport has a expired H4 stamp.

My husband has a expired H1 stamp.


Is it ok to travel to USVI? If anyone has traveled in the same scenario, can you please let us know.

Appreciate your response.



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Although it is an old post, this reply is to help anyone looking for an answer to this question. Even thogh US Virgin Islands are a part of US, travel to this place is not like traveling to other states in US as mentioned in one of the comments. I had to cancel my travel plans because I learned that you go through Customs before boarding the flight back to the States and the officials check your visa. My stamp had expired and hence I chose not to take the risk. This was confirmed by a friend who visited. The Customs officials questioned him about the visa stamp which was expiring in a month.  


The answer is you need to have an unexpired visa to travel to U.S. Virgin Islands. This was solely based on my experience. Definitely do the research before booking. 

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What does going through customs have to do with an H1 stamp???

Customs is not immigration.

The US Virgin Islands ARE part of the US. A visa stamp is NOT required when returning to the US mainland from there (it is NOT "back to the States", since you are IN the States when you are on the US Virgin Islands.)

They may check your I94, but they do not check a visa. A visa s an entry document, it is required to enter the US. When you are on the US Virgin Islands, you are IN the US, and the flight back to the mainland is NOT an entry to the US.

Geez. It is not rocket science.

Please educate yourself about these things and don't listen to rumors. Rumors are always wrong.

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