Successful Visitor Visa stamped in Hyderabad for my Mom (Widow -Agriculture)


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Hello All,


This website has helped me a lot in the process to apply B2 visa for my mom, I lost my father 16 yrs ago and I want to get her a visitor visa to visit us, which as usual with all moms is reluctant to come as she had heard numerous things of denials to Widows without a job or any commercial profession. She looks after our farming land whiich is about 6 acres and some bank balance again which is not much and she also had a fixed deposit on her name.


I made sure she carries all documents (mine and hers), prepared her for to remember where i stay and what i do, my company name etc with help of this website and your past experiences posted in this forum.


Interview was on 02-06-2014 and it went very smoothly.

All Q's were in Telugu asked by a American VO who learned the language and are now speaking fluently.


Mom - Good Morning


VO - Where are you going?

M - To visit my son

VO - Reason?

M- He just bought a new house and i was invited to housewarming

VO - What do you do?

M - Agriculture 

VO - Husband?

M - Explained about his demise

VO - Congrats your visa is approved.


Me- Thank god :)

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