F2 Visa for Husband


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I am in US on F1 visa.  Now I am pregnant. My husband wants to come to US to take care of me. Its only one month I came from India. 


1. Shall we submit my pregnancy proof to VO? (Will it helps to convince him?)


 2. He is working in India and he will take a letter from his employer i.e. he is taking a break from his duties for some time to support me. Is it the right thing to convince him?


3. I am not working here and I don't have any proof for tax returns.Do I need to show funds in my US bank account?


4.We will show required amount of funds from both the I20 s from him and his father bank accounts. Shall we do like that?


Please guide me about these.. I really appreciate your response...




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Is he going to come on an F2 visa? visitors visa? Has he been refused a visa earlier?

I don't see any harm in applying for a visitors visa especially if he has a good job in India and can demonstrate ties to India. You need to show funds if it's an F2 visa and to be safe at least have 6 months on your I20 before you graduate.

Showing proof of pregnancy is tricky and the VO might offer a visa on compassionate grounds but then there is the issue of your husband doing a job here in the US by taking care of you (I know it sounds crazy) Also the VO might wonder why you are not having the baby in India. Speak to your DSO and ask if they seen cases like yours before.

I sincerely wish you the very best!

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