H1B transfer with new degree


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I am working on h1b and currently a new employer filled my h1b transfer.


i have 3 year bachelors degree in computer science (year 2003) + 1 year post graduate diploma in IT (year 2004) and so far I have used these credentials for my previous h1b petitions , (evaluation equates these to 4 year Bachelors degree in computer science)


recently in 2011, I completed 1 year Masters degree in information technology from a state university in india.


My new employer used the new masters degree (completed in 2011) for my h1b transfer application now.

We have provided education evaluation which says my new Masters degree is a single source equivalent  to 4 year Bachelors degree in information technology in the US.



Will that cause any problem  ?




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Hi There,


i am also in the similar situation. 


I have completed a 3 year degree (BCA- Bachelor of computer application) in 2003  and Enrolled for MCA (Masters in computer application) same year. But in 2004 I Started working in IT and also I continued my education and completed my Masters in 2006 (2003 to 2006).  I came to the USA (In 2010) for my current employer on my 3 Years degree (BCA) + 5 plus Years of IT experience on L1B Visa. My current employer filed H1B in 2012 on 3 Years bachelor degree + 5 Years of experience. Even in my H1B education evolution, it shows 3 year bachelor degree + 5 plus Years of IT experience.


Now I am changing my employer (for which I am working from 2007 to till date (6.7 years)).  


1.      Can  I add my Master degree now to my new H1B?. or I can show my master degree during my Green card processing?

2.      If I add my Masters now, Does it cause any issue or any query from USCIS?

3.      If I add my Master degree do I lose my 3 years of IT experience (2004 to 2006)?

4.      I would have to continue with 3 year degree (BCA) + 5 plus Years of experience in my GC processing as well?

5.      I haven’t shown my masters in H1B, so If we add that now in H1B will it be any issue.?

6.      Even If I add my Masters I will have more than 6.7 years of progressive post-baccalaureate experience in the specialty IT experience with the current employer. Will it be ok if we add my masters to H1B transfer or I can do at the time of GC processing?


appreciate quick response.




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