H1 Transfer - one of Previous Employer acquired


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Hello Friends,


Here is my situation. Please advise.


My one of previous employer X was acquired by company Y. Now, I am planning to change from current company A to new company B.


1. How this X and Y acquisition affects my H1 transfer? Because we need to show all previous H1s/Experiences. ( I had H1 with x, now X was acquired by Y).


2. How the same thing effects GC Process with company B? ( I have 140 approved with A, now X was acquired by Y)


FYI, HR from company Y is ready to give experience letter but on letter head Y.




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Adding some additional details to support above post.


1. Joined X in May-2011, payroll was run by X

2. Started GC process with company A as future employment (So experience letter X did not have end date on the duration, may not use now)

3. Company X acquired by company Y, my H1 had not amended to Y

4. Approved labor with A

5. Payroll run by Y mention X as subsidiary/Division

4. Joined company A

5. Approved I-140 with A

6. Now, planning to change to B

7. Spoke to company Y, they are ready to give experience letter on Y letter head


In this case, for H1 transfer or GC with B require all past employers list and supporting experience letters. Here are my questions.


1. What company do I need to mention in past employer list? X or Y?

2. How about experience letter to support 1?


I understand it is complex case, appreciate your help and happy to answer further questions.




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