H4 to F1 - I-539 using ELIS


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I am using ELIS to e-file all documents required for I-539. Here are my questions -


1. Should I attach I-539 also along with the supporting documents? I reason I ask this is there is no where in the ELIS where it asks for the filled in I-539 instead the application itself says 'Application to Extend/Change Non-Immigrant Status (I-539)'. Please clear this confusion.


Here is the list of documents I submitted -


Financial -

I-134 where my husband is sponsor

Husband's Bank statements latest

Husband's last 3 paystubs

I-901 receipt for SEVIS


Identity -

My Drivers License

My Passport & Visa (my H4 is stamped so ignored I797C)

Husband's Passport & Visa

Husband's I-797A


Immigration -


Change of status I-20

Visa stamps old & new


2. Please let me know if I am missing any other documents. Some say it is good to show letter of consent from me and a supporting letter of financial support from my husband. Is it necessary?


Please clarify.



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