Opportunities for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


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My Bro did Diploma in Mechanical Engineering long back.He had good Experience as Quality Control Engineer and some certifications like AWS....He don't have 4 years Bachelors degree.Looking for opportunities in USA.He had some work Experience in Saudi Arabia too.


Please advise.

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There is a TN-1 category for Engineer but the requirement is a baccalaureate degree, there is no provision for a combination of a diploma (2-year accredited) plus 3 years work experience as in some of the more flexible NAFTA occupations.


H1B is a definite possibility as some of the 4-year degree requirements can be substituted by work experience. The general rule of thumb is 3 years of work experience may be substituted for each year of the degree.


However, your work authorization would not be instantaneous as it is under NAFTA and you might have to wait to file the petition for H1B, but it is definitely a possibility depending upon your brother's education and length of work experience.

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