Applying for H1B & B1 visa at the same time


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I need some advice to clear out my confusion regarding H1 & B1 visa. Below is the scenario: 
1. My spouse is on H4. 
2. We are planning to apply for H1 visa in April 2014.  
3. But even if the H1 visa is approved, he can start work only from October 2014. Hence till the mean time, we are thinking to get a B1 visa for her so that he can start his work.
My questions: 
1. Is the above scenario legal/feasible ? What are the risks involved (in terms of getting H1 & B1 visa)?
2. Our ultimate goal is to get H1 visa. Will getting/working on B1 visa in any way jeopardize our H1 visa?
Appreciate your help & advice !
Thanks much !
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I am sorry if that was miscommunicated. We do not intend to use B1 in place of H1.


His B1 job is going be different than the H1 job. The B1 employer is also different than the H1 employer & nature of work in B1 & H1 is also completely different.


My questions are more from an "H1 approval/rejection" perspective. 


Can he apply for new B1 visa when his H1 petition is already approved?


Thanks much !


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