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Hi Ms Murthy,


I tried finding if there is any existing thread related to this but was unsuccessful. Plus there are so many threads here, I just got overwhelmed. It will be great if you can answer my query.


My name is Given name: Pooja Surname: Jindal. However, in my Indian Passport, my first name is POOJA JINDAL and the Surname is Blank.


So, in the US visa (L2) my name bacame FNU Pooja Jindal. Now, below is how my name appears in my different documents:


1) Passport

First Name : POOJA JINDAL Surname : BLANK


2) US Visa

First Name : FNU Surname: POOJA JINDAL


3) SSN

First Name: POOJA Surname: JINDAL


4) Driver’s License

First Name: NONE Surname : POOJA JINDAL


5) EAD Card

First Name: FNU Surname: POOJA JINDAL


6) I94

First Name: FNU Surname: POOJA JINDAL


Now, I will have my employer file H1B petition filed for me. Would there be a problem if I submit my petition as FNU POOJA JINDAL? My name is correct in the SSN. So there is a difference between how the name appears in the SSN and the visa. So is that a problem when my petition is considered?


I am not sure whats the best way to avoid any problems in the H1B petition processing. I am ok with being FNU POOJA JINDAL or changing the name in the passport. But right now my concentration is to avoid any possible problems with my h1 processing.


Can you please help?


Thanks a lot!

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