H1b got cancelled for not finding a job for 4 months


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Hi ,


I came to US as H4.Applied last year and got H1B from october.I didnt get a project till now.

My employer got a mail from immigration for the reason.My H1b could be cancelled.My question is



1.Can i apply for a new H1

2.Since i have approved petition,can i apply immediately or should i wait till april for applying and oct to join

3.Should i apply through the same employer or can i go for different employer

4.Since H1B is getting cancelled,is my status automatically goes to H4 or should we apply for H4 again.Also should i go out of US?.My Wife is working and is in H1




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You have a job, with the employer. The employer has to pay you, even if you don't have a project. That's the law!

If the employer doesn't pay you, you are out of status.

File a complaint with DOL on form WH4. The DOL will make the employer pay you.

And find another employer.

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