Did not Get my Way Bill number Visa was Approved on January 24th Vancouver


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Below are my Interview Details. I would have posted before only but waited for my passport. Any how here are the Details of my Interview.


My interview was on Jan 24th at Vancouver


VO: Hello Sir

Me: Hello Sir Good Morning


Vo: So did you come for your first time H1B stamping

Me: No, This is my Extension 


Vo: Did you do your Masters

Me: Yes


Vo: Which University

Me: xxxx university


Vo: In which year did you graduate

Me xxx year


Vo: Who is your Employer

Me : xxxx


Vo: Since from how long have you been with this employer

Me : xxx yrs


Vo: Who is your End Client

Me: xxx 


Vo: Tell me about your Client

Me: Told him about my Client


Vo: What is your Role at Client Place

Me: Told him about my Role


Vo: Your Wife is in US

Me: Yes


Vo: Is your wife on H1B or H4

Me: Told him about her status


Vo: Give me your Driver license, Paystubs, Employer Offer Letter and Job Description, LCA and I129 

Me: Gave him all the Documents


Vo checked all my Documents and than said the golden words YOUR VISA IS APPROVED and gave me form for tracking it and also gave me booklet which contains about Employee guidance who are working in US


I didn't get any email from Loomis saying that my passport is ready for pick up but,I have seen my Passport status change in Visa site booking account on 29th morning. 


Some Important points


I got my H1B Extension approved on Jan 6th and I went for my Interview on Jan 24 but my I129 Petition Status didn't get updated to Post Decision Activity in USCIS site. I am not sure but due to gods grace I didn't get any PIMS not updated word from VO. May be mine was Extension so, that could be the reason behind it.


One more thing guys if your passport is going to expire before your validity of H1B than at the port of entry they might update your I94 Validity till that date only.


Unfortunately my passport was expiring on Sep 2014 so, they gave me a Validity till that date only and told me that I need to exit and Enter if I need the complete Validity on my I94.


That's all I have with my Experience. All the Best Guys.

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