Just sent package , question about employer n-400


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I am asking for my ex-husbad, he just mailed package for n-400.



He worked for sponsor since 2002. Comes September 2006 sponsor had fewer projects and one of his clients offered my ex a position. Sponsor was ok with it but warned him to join client on a temp. basis only or GC process will be terminated. 
Ex husband joined client only for 9 months to finish project. Once project was done he rejoined sponsor (around that time we both filed i-485 as i-140 was already approved). He stayed with sponsor from filing of i-485 until green card and then got laid off 4 months after GC.

He then went to join clients directly working in the same field. He has had GC for 6.5 years. He always had same title and similar tasks. To be honest, that is all he was trained so far to do as far as work is concerned.

Sponsor is now out of business. We dont know if that is any problem. He couldnt afford another attorney (he wanted 1000 to fill forms) so he went to non-profit association. They only charged him 100 to fill and he placed the package in the mail today.

Other than that no arrests, no children, no second marriages for neither of us. Thanks in advance for all your help. I will be in touch with him to share his experience, he has since moved and his new office is Baltimore, MD

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