221g Green in Toronto - Jan 27th 2014


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My wife and I had our US renewel interviews at US Embassy in Toronto, Canada on Jan 27th 2014 (today).

We both have H1B visa. I am a regular FTE and my wife works on EVC model.

I could get an appointment for both of us at the same counter at the same time (we were interviewed together)


I got my Visa approved, and the officer said I could collect it within 3-4 days. Unfortunately, the same visa officer gave a 221g- Green slip for my wife. The "Other" section was selected in the Green slip, and nothing was written below it. He did not require any information from our end, and he said he needs to do some processing from his end, and will get back to us (call or email us) within 2 weeks.

Further more, he kept her Original I-797, and gave back the passport.


Main Documents we took: All previous I797's, new H1b from November 2014.

She had all the client, vendor, employer letters, 2 paychecks from current employer. All tax docs, MS degree, etc...


Our experience:

We entered the consulate at 9 AM. At initial counter, submitted our ds 160 forms, I797 and passports. She wrote "PIMS ok" on my application, on my wife's application she wrote PIMS - SMIE or SMEI. Not sure what that means?


After finger printing, we were called according to our token number for Visa interview.

VO: Are you both on H1's?

Us: Yes

VO: Let me start with you first Sir? What company you work for, what do you work as, what is your annual salary, do you work for any specific client?, where do you live?

Me: Answered all the questions, I am a FTE. We have many clients we work for...told other info....

VO: Did you do your MS...what was your thesis about..etc?

Me: Yes, ...and explained details


VO:Next to you Mam:

Wife: Sure

VO: Same questions again: What company you work for, what do you work as, what is your annual salary, do you work for any specific client?, where do you live?

Wife: She is a contractor working at client's place. She provided all details

VO: Took some time, and then mentioned that your company XXX address looks like residential address.

Wife: No sir, it is not. I have pictures of my Company. And showed the pics. He was pleased.

VO: Did you ever visit your company?

Wife: Yes, once.

VO: Do you get paid in time? In past we have heard that your company does NOT pay in time.

Wife: Yes, I got paid in time. I received 2 paychecks from them. Both were paid on time.

VO: Took a while again, and he finally said...Sir, I am approving your Visa, but Mam we need more time to process your case.

Us: We were left in a confused state. We asked him if he needs client letters or any other doc.

VO: No, I do not require anything from you right now. Additional checks needs to be done from my side.

He kept the I797 and returned the passport of my wife.  No slip was given at this point.

Us: This is what worried us. If he had kept the passport, we would be confident that he is doing some checks. Anyways, he kept the I797, so that was good sign.


We came out of embassy and identified that we were not given any slip. We went back and the security officer did not let us in. He took my wife's passport and went inside, and brought a Green slip along with it. There was no docs required on the 221g - Green slip. (Only "Others" was checked, and nothing written below it).

-------We did this step, if the VO could give in writing why there was a query placed. however, no luck, he wrote nothing on the 221g except my name and batch number.--------


We are guessing the intial check of PIMS might have failed. Again, why the passport was returned and I797 kept is questionable.

We are stuck now, and have to wait for embassy to contact us.There is no bar code or case number or any ID on 221g form as well.


Please let us know if anyone had similar experience or any thoughts?


Miscellaneous: Dont carry bagpacks or cell phones/any electronics, even keys. You have to walk across the street and deposit it in a convenience store for $5. The same store takes pictures too ($12 for 2 pics). The photo machine in embassy was broken, so everyone was running out in snow to the store to take pics. So please carry everything.


Thanks and Let us know.



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Hello All,

          I went to Toronto US consulate for my first H1B stamping on Jan 27th 2014. Interview went good and VO said your VISA got approved you can leave now. But, with in few minutes he said "Oh... We need few weeks for administrative process". And I was asked to send/submite all supporting docs in the following weeks. And they had call with my client(not employer). Even I was asked for a supporting documnet last week. I am bit worried  now. Why they are doing like this?. What could be the reason?. Please advise.


Thanks in advance.



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