Working on multiple jobs on H1B


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  I have a question on How to work with other client at the same time.


Iam working an onsite job with my employer 9-5 on client location.


I have a request from one of my previous clients wanted me to work remote for enhancements of the application which I built previously but my thought is my brother in law has his own consulting firm I want to make this remote contract with his company instead of my employer because I have to give a share for him on this remote project also which I think it is not worth as Iam sacrificing my time for extra money and good will with my client made this opportunity available for me.So I don't think there is any effort of my employer to give him a share even in my remote job.


 I don't want my brother's firm to run me a pay check to give me money but he can send money to my home country or my relatives as a donation.


 What are the legal aspects and issues need to consider? Can you let me know how to make it a success?

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You must have c concurrent H1B and MUST be paid (no "donations" to avoid US taxes).  Work for family owned business is subject to scrutiny.


You primary employer may have objections to this additional work and you may be prevented from doing so by contract or policies.


If you do not have loyalty to your employer, find a new one. (You are NOT an employee that a reputable employer would want to have on staff given your stated attitute.)


You need to check with an attorney before doing anything since you appear to be willing to violate US guest worker laws.

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