Last Chance - any advice

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Hello Guys,

Actually I want your valuable advice on my current case. First of all let me explain you my history. I apply for visa transfer last year and it got denied in May 2010. So my employer applied for MTR. In Aug 2010, I got a new project and employer applied for fresh H1b petition. Since MTR was pending, CIS didn't touched the second petition. According to 180 days rule, I returned back to my home country in Oct 2010. Then we send 3 requests to CIS to withdraw MTR so that they can touch the second case. Finally they withdrawn MTR on 13th April 2011 and started reviewing the second case. Now they send me the RFE saying my SOW for last project was till Feb' 2011 and now its not clear that if any speciality occupation work is still available. They also want evidence to establish that beneficiary was in a valid nonimmigrant status when present petition was filed. So right now I am not on any project and I am in my home country. Please advice me something. What options I have? This is my last chance actually.

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