L1-A to EB1 / EB2

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I am currently on L1-A with my employer about to complete by 7 year term



  Visa Entry Exit Comments 1st Entry L1-B 15-Jan-07     Vacation 1     30-Jun-09   2nd Entry L1-A 29-Jul-09   Fresh L1-A Petition from India Vacation 2     1-Apr-12   3rd Entry   22-Apr-12   I-94 Stamped till Apr 21, 2015 upon this entry
Visa Expired in Jul 2012



Based on the above Entry / Exits, I believe I have till Mar 5, 2014 for my 7 year term in L1-A to end


I am trying for EB-1 GC processing through my employer, but they are not ready do it.  In case I file EB-2 petition, I am sure with the remaining days left I have to go back to India. 



  • Is my date calculation correct ? (7 year term end - Mar 5, 2014) ?
  • Once the petition is filed, can I come back to US as soon as I-140 stage is approved ? 
  • Should I still need a break of 1 year before I can enter into us ?
  • How much time will it take for i-140 to get approved for EB-2 (using L1-A) ?
  • With the valid I-94 till 2015 is there any possibility of a legal stay in the US beyond 7 years (2.5 years on L1-B and remaining on L1-A) ?

I am completely new to GC processing and this is the first time I am using Murthy.com....So, If I have asked a redundant question, my apologies....



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