Bsc IT - MBA (HR) with Provisional - Eligible for H1B??


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Hi Friends,


I have a quick question and am sure you guys can help me with this.


My fiancé has done Bsc IT, MBA in HR. She has been working as a recruitment HR for the past 2 years.


Now my question is:


1>   Can employer apply H1 for Recruitment HR jobs?


2>  Is she eligible for H1B petition? Reason being i understand they look for 16 years of education,

      hence does her MBA in HR count her as an eligible person for specialized skill for H1B since has

      only 2 years of experience?


3>  Inspite of being 2 years of completion of her MBA, her insane college did not give her and her

      other batch mates their Semester Marksheets and Degree certificate. All she has is only a

      Provisional certificate. Will she be eligible for applying H1B petition with only the Provisional



4>  What is the fair chance of getting a HR recruiter job in the US? Any idea.



Thanks in advance friends.

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