VISA stamping @ Merida, Mexico


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I am planning to go to my 3rd VISA stamping @ Merida. I previous 2 stamping's were @ Matamoros.

This time around, I am going with my wife. I needed a couple of clarifications.


> I got married in May 2013 and I was with employer A during that time and I had just got an extension with employer A until 2016. However since I was contracting, I did not goto stamping, but my wife went to Chennai to get her H4 stamped and she used my new 797. So she got her VISA stamped until Sept 2016.


> My VISA on passport expired Sept 2013.


> I changed employer to employer B in Dec 2013 and I got my approved H1 & my wife's H4 until Sept 2016.


I know I must go for stamping, but should my wife go for stamping as well? She has her H4 stamped until 2016 (but this was with my old employer


Should I get a mexican VISA to goto Merida? if so, where do I apply for one? Which form do I need to fill?

Would my wife need a VISA as well?


Thanks in advance.


~pramod pradhan

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Your wife can use her old Visa go enter into the USA. She doent need any mexican visa to travel to mexico as she has a valid visa stamped on her passport.


You need a mexican visa if you US visa is expired. I have my visa appointment in merida on feb 10th.



Thanks for the info Tjgarla. That was really helpful.

Did you apply for Mexican VISA as well? If you did, can you tell me the process. I am not able to find the form I need to fill to apply for Mexican VISA.

Can you please help me with that?


Thanks and good luck with your stamping.



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I am planning to go to Merida for stamping as well.


My last stamping was in India and I needed two appointments - 1 for finger printing and 1 for visa interview. I am assuming that is not the case in Mexico


Additionally my visa expires in may, but i want to get stamped earlier (march end) - I am assuming that is not a problem.


ANy thoughts?


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