F1 visa stamp expired,OPT still valid,going back to US from India with job offer letter


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Hi Everyone,


I am Kaustav Kakati. I am currently right now in India and my OPT STEM is valid till 06/14. I do also have a valid job offer letter. My F1 Visa Stamp expired this December. In order to return back and start working in the US I think I would need to get a new F1 VISA Stamp issued on my valid Passport?? Also, do I need to get any new Endorsement of my I 20 since it was last endorsed by my International Student Advisor on October 2012. I do have with me the valid OPT EAD CARD and all the other required documents and a valid passport. Please do provide me some suggestions on my current status ?? I need to travel back to the US and start my new job. Thanks. 



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