L2 EAD extension


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Greetings !!


Hi All - My L1 Visa stamped on my passport was valid till Aug '13 and I have an approved L1 petition valid till Aug'15. Same is the case with my wife.

 She has her L2 Visa stamped on the passport till Aug'13 and an approved L2 petition valid till Aug'15.


She traveled to India in May 2013 and returned to US in June 2013. Her passport is stamped with I-94 dated - 28-Sep-2015


Her L2 EAD is expiring on 14-MAY-2014, can we apply for her EAD extension now.


If yes, what are the documents required to file, also how much estimated time does it take for the extension to be approved. please let us know.


Also which I-94 should we submit , as if we print from USCIS site, it will have the I-94 valid till 28-SEP-2015, or if we submit the I-94 which we got when we filed for L2 extension which has I-94 valid till 31-Aug-2015


Please let me know.


thanks for your help !!


Rgds, Dhiraj

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