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I am on F1 visa. I wanted to visit family friends in canada. Then, i need to go to visa stamping if i go to canada. I am going to start my OPT in July 2014 after completing masters in June 2nd week.


I would like to know, that which one will be better going to canada in march while still studying or going after completing studies in June still Emploment authorization may not be approved in June.

Can anyone help me about this- Is it going to be okay if i go to stamping in June 3rd week with out OPT being approved. What other documents i need to carry in this case

If OPT is approved and OPT card received then, In that case, what are chances of getting stamping done? 



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Hi maverick,


Thanks for the suggestion. I have 1 more concern. As, i am already on F1 Status, Are there any cases where F1 visa gets rejected? or will there be any delay in processing other than normal processing. I would like to know approximatley, What are the chances of getting visa and stamping if i go to my home country?


I am almost at the end of my studies, so, I am little afraid if i didn't get that it will ruin my career. But, i need to go to my home country this year.

So..I would like to get opinions or suggestions on this.



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I cannot give you exact numerical chances, and honestly, neither can anyone else. All I can say though, is that if your answers are genuine, you're confident, and your documentation (if asked for) and finances are legit, you're good to go. And there's nothing else to that, or that you can do, once you're in the consulate.

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