EAD - RFE- More than 6months


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We have applied for I-765 in Nov 2010, Current dates as we applied under cross chargeability, EB2.

My spouse from Nepal got I-765 approved in March.

I got query in Feb asking for A#. We had answered on Feb22nd.

In July we called and they said they dont have my photos and asked me to send my photos, I had sent my photos to them.

Today I had an info pass appointment and I was told my EAD was approved long time back and card is mailed. I told, I never received any card and few months back they asked for my photos and I sent to them. The office called to check the status but no one received, so he said he is sending an email to the officer who has my card and will ask him to mail it. I was told I should receive my card in 2-4weeks as it was approved in August itself.

Can someone suggest me what to do, I am planning to go to India for my sisters marriage. Anything that I can do now to have my card mailed fast. Please suggest.

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