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Currently working on SOW(Statement of Work) project for Vendor "AAA".I'm working for Client "BBB" at Client Location.My Client Project Manager is saying that If Vendor or Client HR approved to give the client letter then only he can provide me client letter.My vendor is saying since 2 years client is not providing client letter.Also Vendor is saying that they can provide SOW/Vendor letter of contractual relation between my Employer and Vendor and that i'm working on Customer project for "AAA" Vendor.Also vendor saying that tell to Visa officer that i'm working for Client is Vendor's name "AAA"  and working on project deployed for Customer "BBB".And also saying that if VO gave any 221g form to show that i'm working for customer "BBB" then only my Vendor "AAA" will get client letter from Client.


Looks like I can only show the Client Organizational structure,Cube photo,Client building photo and client ID card to VO officer if asks for that i'm working for Client.Even client is not providing email for me to show that as per Client policies letter will not provide.


But I have separate email exchange between me and Client HR that:

Contractors need to go to Bartech or the firm that they are contracted with in order to request this type of correspondence.


Email exchange between my Vendor and me:

Just got a confirmation and got informed that the document which was previously provided to you is the only document that we could help you with. You can use that for stamping purpose as it does not have any expiry date.


1) Is these emails will be sufficient to show for Visa Officer that my client and vendor are not providing client letters?

2) Is  Client Organizational structure,Cube photo,Client building photo and client ID card are sufficient to show for Visa officer?

3) Is i can tell that my client is Vendor's name "AAA" and working on Vendor's Customer Project "BBB"?

4) IS SOW projects will not require any letter from Client that i'm working for Client?


Please advise.



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Thx for getting back on this.My Client Manager will provide the Email that I'm working with Client.So Please advise the chances of getting Visa.

But you said that vendor is ready to provide client letter if needed?

 I don't know how things work with email,but saw few posts where they got visa with just email.

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