F2 for Husband (Need Urgent Info)


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This is regarding F2 visa for my husband


I am planning to get married this march and after that we need to apply for F2 for my husband

About Me:

Graduated in Dec 2012, working on OPT since March 2013, my OPT will be valid until July 2015
My yearly pay is approximately 80K and I am working as consultant (EVC Employee-vendor-Client)

About my Fiance

Education: Did double MS one in India, one in Singapore, Running business on his own in India.

How strong is my case to get F2. We are really confused to apply for F2 or I should wait for my H1 and apply H4 for him. What could be the best option please advice, we are really confused and based on this we have to plan our marriage.

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Yes, I know that, he is planning to handover that to the team in India and wanted to stay with me until my OPT period.



Our main intention is I want to work here in USA for few more months/years to have more international exposure and he is ready to support me and come here for me.

Then, there is nothing wrong in going for an F2 visa.

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