L1A and H1B Validity


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Following are my details


L1A Visa expiry : 31-Mar-2014

I-94 Validity : 18-May-2015


My I129 S Non-immigrant Petition

Date of intended employment 

Start Date : 31-Mar-2011

End Date : 31-Mar-2014


Company's I129 is valid indefinitely


My company is planning to apply for a H1B this year for me.

Till what time can I stay and work in US.

Is it till my VISA / individual I129 S  or is it till the I94 expires ( if I do not go outside the country)


And if I can work and stay till my I94 is valid when would my L1A status cease to exist assuming my company files a Change Of Status with the H1B application.

And the other question is if they apply from a green card will they be able to do it before the visa expires or I94 expires.


Any response is appreciated.


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