Jamaica Visa Stamping - Average waiting time for Admin processing


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I have Visa appointment on Feb 4th in Kingston, Jamaica. Those who went for the Jamaica Visa Stamping, can you please let me know these two things so that i can plan accordingly to work remotely?


1. What's the average waiting time incase 221G is issued (admin processing)

2. Have you heard any rejections recently?



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As far as I know: There are no rejections in Jamaica. Average wait time for 221G is upto a week that I heard of. Recently, there was a news that said: Entry visa to Jamaica has been reduced to 10 days only from 30 days and this new rule is already in place and is being implemented.. Do you know if we can extend our stay in Jamaica in case 221 G is issued OR what will be the next steps for us after 10 days but visa decision still not received?

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Hi Kumar,


I got my Appointment on Feb4th.  Please update here.


If we can get Visiting VISA for more than 10days that would be helpful at worst situation

Are you all Indian citizens? I have heard that being an Indian citizen, we don't need entry visa to Jamaica under commonwealth treaty. So why did you all get a entry visa?

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