I got my Visa stamped on Jan 9th at Vancouver Canada


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Hello all,


I have attended visa interview yesterday at 9:30 at Vanconver, Canada. It took approximately one and half hour for the whole process. Interview was very pleasant , here are the questions asked by interviewer:



1. Is this your first H1?

2. Did you do Master's in US, where?

3. why only ** school? is the school accredited? when did you join school, have you completed masters..

4.Who is your employer?

5. Since when you are working for your employer?

6. How often did you get pay?

7. do you have kids, he/she. Is she a US citizen?

8. did you work on CPT?

9. How you used to attend school if you are in Washington and your school in California? I said I used to fly there, then he asked me to show tickets.

10. Where does your husband work, did he do master's in US?

11.Who is your client, what are your duties at work?

12.He asked me to show LCA, Employer Offer Letter, Paystubs, driver's license.


Then he said your Visa is approved and handed me flyer which had instructions what to do next. I am waiting mail from the Loomis to get my passport.


Hope this helps..All the very best




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