H4 to F1 COS is Pending Review for Collage starting on Jan 13th


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My wife currently in H4 visa applied for COS from H4 to F1 in last week of October through ELIS USCIS for collage starting from Jan 13th (next week). Currently the status of the application shows that its pending review. What will  happen when she gets approval after starting date? 


Appreciate your help..

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So by the replies on this post, I can also start my studies on F2, but not start my assistantship?


There is one critical difference in the U.S. immigration laws, regulations, and rules with respect to the situation you posted about (i.e. F-2 visa) versus the original post (i.e. H-4 visa) ...


A spouse on a dependent H-4 visa is allowed to study at an university / college, whereas ...


A spouse on a dependent F-2 visa is not allowed to study at at an university / college.


In other words, you may not start school on a F-2 visa (and may not start work on an assistantship), and may only do so once you have received an approved F-1 visa.  Your university / college international students office / DSO should have made you aware of the restriction.

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