H4 expired and then file I -485

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Hi experts,


My wife's H4 only has one valid day 8/9/13-8/10/13. We ask a error correction and we went to infopass 3 times during 8/13 to 11/13. No body knows her status is legal or not in infopass. On 11/21/13, my wife's H4 case became initial review again.


We filed I-485 on 12/13/13 and I-140 already approved on 12/20/13. ( I am EB2). However, my wife still waited for her advance parole since 12/13/13.


My question is

1. Should my wife leave USA before the 180 days since 8/9/13 ( She worried if the H4 expired since 8/10/13) or she has to stay in USA until she gets her green card?


2. If she has to leave, dose it affect her I-485 status (abandoning her green card) without getting advance parole but leaving USA?


We are panic for her case. Please be advised, I would appreciate your great help.


Thank you


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