F1 Visa expired, not applied for OPT yet


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I have a current situation. My F1 visa has expired and I am still studying and I will graduate in May 2014. 

I am thinking of going to India to renew my F-1 Visa or "get a new F-1 visa" on the basis of doing masters.


My questions are:

1) I have not applied for OPT yet ? If I do apply before graduation and my OPT starts, then would I  still be able to get a new f-1 visa

by showing that I am going to study as a masters student ? If yes, can I come back to US and not do my masters but instead go for OPT ? 


2) I will be changing universities when I go from bachelors to masters ? Will it be okay to go for VISA interview ? (Consider I didn't apply for OPT at all for this question)


3) I have transferred schools back and forth a little. Will that have any affect on my chances of getting F-1 Visa ?


4) I am planning to renew/ get new F-1 visa in the summer time ! How long would you suggest for the timeframe ? I mean for how many days should I anticipate to get VISA process done ?


Please help !

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