Passport expiring before the intended stay period for H1B (Need Urgent help)


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Hi All,


I've my interview after 2 days in Mumbai, and I just realized that my passport expires in Sept 2014. In my DS 160 I've filled the 'Intended Stay' period as approx 19 months which is till Nov 2015. There is a requirement that your passport should be valid (Not Expired) till at least 6 month BEYOND the intended stay period. My Finger printing is after 2 days and interview after 3 days. Any suggestions as to how do i get out of this situation? If I renew my passport in Mumbai it will take forever, can I just mention this to the interviewer and tel him that I intend to renew it as soon as I reach USA ? what is the worst case scenario here ? Any help/suggestions are much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance. 



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