H1B for a govt employee


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I got graduated in BSc physics in the year 2001 June. After that in August 2001 I joined Govt Service as LD Clerk. I was eager to have an MCA and so decided to join IGNOU. They needed a Preparatory course of 6 months to be completed and I did it from Jan 2002-June 2002, and completed it successfully. MCA batches in ignou start only in Jan so joined MCA only in Jan 2003. Completed course in Dec 2005, but with back paper of accountancy and completed it in June 2006.



The institute in which I studied had a software development division and I was working there part time(After Govt office time I went ekm to work in night shift, and on week ends as project trainee) from Aug 2006 to April 2008.I got Approved Leave from Govt Service only in 2007. So there is some overlapping in experience. So I never showed Govt experience any where on my IT records and Since then worked in 2 companies .I have cleared Background verification in all these companies. Now I have got an opportunity in which my visa might be processed for H1B. Now my doubts 1) When I applied for passport I have shown in it as Govt Employee and produced NOC from govt for it. It is not mentioned in the passport. This detail might be available in the passport office. Will it be enquired in background verification of US authorities?. I am worried about the overlapping experience if my current company comes to know abt it 2) There is a break in study and experience(IGNOU course is distance education). will it affect the visa processing?Should I reveal my govt experience and provide NOC

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It sounds like one of your current employers prohibited other outside employment and you are worried that since you have knowingly violated the terms of your employment, you will have problems in India if found out. If so, you created your own problem. No one can fix it for you. USCIS is not going to report to your employers.

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