Subway Ticket and Change of Address form


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I am applying for citizenship and I ahve few questions.


1. I have moved few times in neighboring towns since I got Green card but never applied for change of address. I didn't know I was supposed to. Will this be a problem.


2. I got a traffice ticket for speeding and I paid off. Do I need to mention that?


3. I got a ticket in local subway for evasion of fare(accidental). I did volunteer work via alternate servicing program and judge told me that case was expunged(I distinctly asked judge would it affect my immigration and she said that the case was cleared so I was fine). Do I need to mention that in my citizenship application?


Your timely help will be much appreciated.

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Expungement does not matter for immigration.  Mantion everything such as # 3; it surly qualifies as a "petty offense exception" if it matters at all.  Since these things vary in seriousness by state and since the consequences of not mentioning something that should be are serious, when in doubt either see an attorney for a definitive answer based on what was filed or list it.

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