Successful H1B Visa Stamping Experience in US Consulate, Hyd on Dec 4th 2013


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I really appreciate Murthy law forum to provide such a nice platform where everyone can share their experiences and queries. This forum helped me a lot in preparing for my Visa interview and to clarify my questions from so many folks. Before 2 months of my visa interview i was started reading visa interview experiences that were posted in this forum. As it always best to prepare for worst case scenario questions which i found in some posts.


I have an appointment for fingerprinting on Dec 3rd at 10 AM. We have to carry passport, DS 160 confirmation page, Appointment letter. It won't take more than 10-15 mins. They will just take photo and fingerprints. They don't allow any CD's, Flash drives etc. We can carry cellphones but it needs to be switched off.


I take the opportunity to explain my visa interview experience in US Consulate, Hyderabad.


I went for my H1B visa stamping on Dec 4th 2013 in Hyderabad. It went very well and i got my H1B stamped until Sept 30 2014 (I am on my 3rd year of my H1B).


Background: I finished my masters and i am on my 3rd year of H1B. I am in EVC model.


My visa appointment is at 10 AM on Dec 4th. Most of the folks are for F1 visas in the consulate on that day. I went to consulate at 9:30 AM and i was standing in the line until 10 AM. Security guards verified my passport and appointment letter and send me in. VFS folks will guide you where  you have to sit.There is a waiting area we can sit and wait until they call based on slot timings. The main reason for delay is they will first call visitor visa folks who scheduled their appointments in Non English.


After a while when VFS folks call 10 AM slot i was standing in a line in a counter where they will verify my passport and DS-160 and put one sticker on top of passport which will have my name, appointment number  and DS-160 barcode. After this it directly leads to Security check. They don't allow any sealed envelopes (usually transcripts), flash drives, CD's and cellphones. Once this is done i walked straight for about 100-150 feet and you will see seating area and big screens which announces and displays appointment numbers.


Once my appointment number called in i went to the corresponding counter and stand in a line. By the time i entered in the Queue there are 2 F-1 folks in front of me. We can clearly hear VO questions in the speaker. First F1 got approved and second one was rejected. I was little bit tensed at that moment. Visa officer was a gentleman with beard and glasses.


Next my turn. With my past F-1 visa interview experience with lot of confidence and small smile on my face i wished visa officer (I was actually very tensed after reading so many posts who got 221g's in hyd).


Me: Good morning Officer!


VO: Who is your employer?

Me:  My employer is XXX.

VO: What do your employer do?

Me: Explained what my employer do.

VO: How many employees are there in your company?

Me: There are approximately XXX employees.

VO: What is your highest qualification degree?

Me: Masters

VO: What is your major in masters?

Me: Software Engineering

VO: Who is the client?



Visa officer told me that my visa got approved and you will receive your passport in a week.


Visa officer didn't asked me any of my documents other than I-797A,passport and DS-160 which i was handed it to him initially.


Wished him thanks and stepped out of the consulate with Joy.


I was checking my passport status 3 times every day until i receive my passport.


I was still tensed because i have read so many posts where VO approves visa but status is still in administrative processing for weeks. On Dec 10th when i received call from DHL to pick up my passport i was relieved and picked up my passport.


My whole documentation weighs almost 10-15 kgs. With lot of pain (airline didn't allow me to carry my folder in my cabin baggage due to over weight at gate. I just checked in my empty cabin baggage and just carried my documents folder) i carried all those documents from USA to India.


I hope my visa experience helps for the folks who want to go for H1B stamping in Hyderabad.



All the best.




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