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Hi JoeF/rahul412/jairichic,


Please help me to my situation as my parents visa (B2) was rejected this week at Hyderabad, India. This is their first attempt.


Here is little background about me. I came to US in 2006 on H1B and visited India only ones in 2007. Since 2007 I haven't left US. But my wife and child visited India two years ago (in 2011) and their H4's stamping was done at Chennai without any issues though I do not have valid visa on my passport. I have H1B approval (with I94) till May 2014 and just recently filed an extension.

I have one sister who lives in India but got married.


This week I sent my paretns for B2 visa in Hyderbad, India. The interview was in Telugu as my parents do not know English.

And my parents are un-educated, they didn't even goto KG.


Here is how interview goes. I have quoted in Eglish and Telugu. All questions were answered by my MOM.


1. Americalo evaru unnaru? (Who lives in America?)

Ans: Maa koduku. (Our son).


2. Enni rojula nunchi unnadu? (Since how long he has been staying? )

Ans: edu samvatharalu (7 years).


3. ae area lo untunnadu? (Where does he live)?

Ans: Naaku city peru teliyadu, maa abbayi anni papers pampichadu, papers chustara madam?. (I do not know the city name but my son sent all the documents, would you like to see madam?)


4. Yes

Ans: My MOM gave all the documents to VO (I sent I-134's, my passport copies, pay stubs, w2, tax returns, bank statements and etc).


5. City teliyakunte ela velthavu? Mee abbayi passport copy unda? (How do you go if you do not know the city name? Do you have your son's passport copy?).

Ans: Passport aa file lo ne undi madam (Passport is in that file madam, my mom already gave all the documents).


6. VO just glanced the documents for a moment.


7. Mee abbayiki pendli ayinda (Did your son get married?)

Ans: Avunu (Yes)


7. Eppudu? (When)

Ans: 10 samavathsaralu (10 years ago).


8. Mee kodali peru emiti (What is your daughter-in-law name)?
Ans: xxxxxx


9. Meeku visa raledu, vellandi (You did not get visas, you can leave now).


She gave 214(b) form.


With this onversation, I am trying to figure out what was caused the issue?


Is it beacsue of #5 or 7# question? Or is it because of me (I did not leave US since 2007 and VO might have thought my parents also won't come back).


Please help me as I am planning to send my parents again after my H1B renewal.

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Hi Rahul,

They are visiting me. In ds 160 I have mentioned that

I will bear all their trip expensive.

visiting visa is for visiting US that's tourism visa. So how can they visit you?? Why can't you go and spend some time with them?

Moreover, if you bear their expenses then what's the guarantee that they will leave US after the vacation, bcos they doesn't have enough money for the vacation and dependent on you. Do you get it now???

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You may want to wait for few months before trying again.  I had similar situation and visa was rejected. I am positive you have a better chance of getting approval next time.  Here is my recommendation.


1. File all documents in a folder with a white sheet indicating what each document contains

2. Write the city/street name in telugu and ask your parents to memorize before going to interview

3. write equivalent telugu words for all relevant information (your employer name etc)

4. Next time, write a letter to the consular and ask your parents to give the letter to the consular during the conversation (This is crucial)

5. You may want your parents to self sponsor only the flight ticket (who is paying for the trip)

6. You may want to ask for 8 weeks or 2 months instead of longer duration


One last key piece of information, ask your parents to dress well (similar to attending wedding). Trust me, I took consultation from murthy firm in chennai and came to know this is one of the key elements VO look for.



When you apply next time, be sure to include the 214b information in DS-160

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I would like to update my parent's status. They re-applied their B2 visa in Jan 2015 and both were approved. They also travelled to US without any issues.


This is what I have done for their second attempt.


1. I have asked them to memorize well about my location, company and job designation. This is where they couldn't able to answer in the first interview.

2. I have asked them to dress-up nicely.

3. I have also contacted local senator, senator sent a letter to US consulate two days prior to their interview. I am not sure whether this helped or not.

5. I have prepared the DS 160 same as first one. No change at all except the denial information about first interview. I paid for their trip.

6. I have asked them to be confident irrespective of visa results.

7. The interview was in "Telugu".

8. Finally, both were approved after few basic questions.


Special thanks to "SPOWER", this user's above suggestions were really helped me.




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