Employment experience declaration on PERM/I-140 application

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I'm a Software engineer working in USA on H1B visa since August 2012. I have joined my employer, who has applied H1 for me, in Sept 2009 in India.


I also had 17 months IT experience as a freelancer from India prior to joining my current employer. But I did not mention that experience in my H1B application and I have mentioned only my experience at my current employer (which was less than 3 years).


Can I go ahead and mention that 17 months IT experience and make my PERM/I-140 application for EB2 filing since it requires 5+ years experience?


Does it cause problems if they see this new experience on my PERM/I-140 application and on my resume?




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Why did you not mention it before. It will look like you fabricated this experience to qualify for EB2.  Since it was freelance, it appears even more so to be fraudulent.


Your experience at your current employer counts toward that required for EB2 in limited situations. It is also job requirements that determine filing.


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