H1B stamping in sydney


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I attended my H1B interview in Sydney with my wife and my 2.5yo kid.

People told me that if you have worked more than 1 year, you can apply for Visa here itself rather than going back to India.

My case was working for client at the employer office itself. Not at the client site.

Before the interview itself, consulate staff took the original I797 and attached it to my passport.

We took the token for the interview and took seats in the hall.
We were called for the interview by a lady VO. She asked if I was there for student visa. I said no, its for Work Visa H1B.
Then she checked somethings in her computer and our passports and enquired with someone else somethings.
After sometime she asked us to take a seat and told her that we will be called again. She kept our passports and I797B.

After 5-7 minutes, we were called to another window by another VO. He had all the three passports and the original I797B with him.

VO started checking something on his computer but it looked like he was not able to find something. He enquired with someone.
In the meanwhile, he asked us to step aside and took interview for another person while the problem gets sorted.

Following were the questions asked:
[VO] Is this your 1st H1B?
[VO] What is your role in the job?
[VO] What programming language do you use for development?
[Me] C,Java
[VO] Which language you like better? Why?

Then he asked my wife and me to for fingerprints. There was a finger printing machine at the VO counter itself.
Then he asked some questions to my wife.

Questions to my Wife:
[VO] How are you two related? (Pointing to me and my wife by face)
[VO] Who is this kid?
[VO] Do you have the birth certificate?
[Me] I said Yes, Do you want to see original or copy?

[VO] If you have Original, then Original.
[Me] Showed him the original Birth Certificate.

He then had a close look at the certificate and matched the information in the certificate and the passport.
Also, I observed him trying to match the photo in passport with face of my son.

[VO] What is your highest qualification?
[VO] What are you going to do in US?
[VO] Have any of you two ever been ever arrested?
[Me] We both answered "No"
and then he said "Anyways you are not going to tell that in front of each other....". We all laughed and then VO said that he was only joking.

Then he had a long look at the computer screen. It seemed he was reading something probably the petition itself.
My kid was getting impatient. So, he told my wife, that you can go and take a seat.
So, my wife went away with my son and then he again started reading something on the computer (He was not typing and just moving the mouse).

In between his readings on the computer VO asked me the following:
[VO] How did you find this job?
[VO] Are you going to work for a client?
[VO] For which client are you going to work?
[VO] Are you going to work offsite or onsite?
[VO] How much did you pay for the petition?
[VO] I did not pay anything. Employer paid for the petition.
[VO] Are you going to pay for trainings your company provides?
[Me] No.

After reading more from the computer, he said "Your visa has been approved" .....

The next day, on the status website, mine was showing "Issued" and my wife's visa status was showing as
"Administrative Processing" and my son's visa status was showing as "Ready".

After 2 more days, all 3 status' showed up "Issued".

Documents Carried:
Original I-797B
Current Passport + all previous passports
Appointment Letter
DS-160 confirmation letter
Visa appointment fee payment confirmation
Tax returns of the employer
Financial Summary of the employer
Organization structure of the employer
Notarized list of the employees of the employer
Cover Letter to USCIS from the employer for H1B petition.
Offer letter from the employer
Description letter of the position with the employer
Australia Visa letters
Australian employment offer letter
Australia Pay slips
Australia tax returns
Australian Bank statements
Indian tax returns
Indian Bank statements
Experience documents
Education certificates
Cover letter with 2 references from present and past employments
Marriage Photos+ Marriage invitation card
Photos from travelling around Australia
Original Birth Certificate for my son.


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Hi Mebond007


could you pls guide me for the same?


I have my H1B ready and waiting for the stamping.


Here is my current status..

I am at Sydney on dependent visa.....not working

But I would like to stamp my H1 at Sydney.


Will it be possible for me to get my H1B stamping at Sydney?


could you please help and share ur personal email ID or Contact no.


Thanks in advance.

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