L1B Applied H1B with COS want to go back to L1 Visa Status.


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Hello Everyone,

I came on US on L1B visa one september 2010 through Company A. I have applied H1B through company B in 2011 April and got approved with COS.

can any one please help its Urgent.

1. I am getting a better offer from Company A. So I would like to continue working on company A. I red forums that I can go out of US and come back after 1st oct throught L1B visa (my L1b valid till 2012) to retain my status.

2. If I plan to go back to home country and come back throught L1. While I am departing US which I94 should I need to submit. should I need to return both I94 or only L1B I94.both have the same number. Please advice.

3. If I want to return both the I94. would there be any queries in the port of exit since one I94 on L1 and one on H1B.

4. If I caome back on L1B. After 6 months If I wish to apply for COS back to Company B is it possible ?

5. If I dont sumbit my H1B I94 and I return only L1B I94 would there be any queries in the port of entry.

6. Please help any one if you have done the Leapfrog.

Please reply ASAP. I need to leave by this september 2011 and come back in october



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Due to the complexity of your situation and your immigration goals, it is advisable to speak directly with a qualified U.S. immigration attorney. However, to briefly answer questions one and two, yes, leaving the U.S. and re-entering pursuant to a valid L1B visa and petition with employment verification letter after October 1st would place you in L1B status. If you leave the U.S. prior to October 1st (when your COS is to commence) you will hand in the L1B I-94 as that is the status you are in at the time of departure. The Murthy Law Firm has a very well-regarded Nonimmigrant Department with extensive experience who would be able to provide you with excellent assistance. Please feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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I am also in same situation,

My H1 was approved on May 16th and I am still working for L1 company.

Is employment verification letter mandatory?

I have the rest of the docs L1 VISA, Petetion, latest payslips.

I spoke with one of Murthy attorneys, they have not suggested employment verification letter.

They asked me to go out and re-enter ASAP.

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Murthy Law Firm

Thanks you so much for your timely reply. Would be great if you help me out with the below query

1. I my H1B I797 form they insisted to attach the H1b I94 with L1B I94. however, I would be leaving the US at end of Sep 27 before It comes to active. do you think I am safe here.

2. And also it is insisted to return this I94 when I am leaving the US.

3. Is employment verification letter is mandatory while I come back. I would be just like I got for a vacation and coming back.

Please advice on this.



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