H1 B transfer from Employer A to B is approved. Can I join employer B after coming from India with new I-94? Or does employer B has file for amendment


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I am currently working for employer A and have got a job opportunity with Employer B. I have not joined employer B yet. The H1B transfer to employer B just got approved. Now I have to go to India for some family emergency. My stamped visa is expired, so I will have to go for visa stamping. I am planning to come back from India and then resign my employer A. After serving the 2 weeks notice period then I will join Employer B.

1] Will I be able to do my visa stamping in India for employer A? Even if the employer B petition is approved.

2] Can I enter US on employer A petition and visa stamping

3] Can I join employer B once I re-enter US. As I will get a new I-94 which will be different from the one mentioned in the Petition for Employer B, do Employer B have to file for any I-94 amendment before I can start working for Employer B?

4] If #3 is yes then do I have to wait till the amendment is approved or can I join employer B with just the receipt of the amendment filing?

Thank you.

Please reply. Appreciate all your help

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