H1B stamping at Kingston, Jamaica - 12/24


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1) Try to take a upfront seat in the flight for fast immigration from us to kingston.You must carry your own pen to fill up the customs declaration record in flight.

I flew on jet blue from NY to Kingston (direct flight). They had a screen with complimentary entertainment. As I travelled on Sunday, I enjoyed watching NFL games :)

2) docs required at immigration -DS-160 confirmation, hotel reservation, return flight ticket, I-797 original document and passport

3) free wi-Fi (LIME) is available at rental cars location, it is near exit (after you clear customs). You can use this to convey your friends about your safe arrival :)

On the way to your hotel, you feel like been in 1990's Indian environment :). To me, I felt little bit scared first. I felt it is safe around Liguanea club.

4) do not book online reservations for hotels. You can directly book at the hotel (I booked in Liguanea club). Same price though where ever you book. Advantage of booking at hotel directly is you can easily modify the reservation. For example if you get your passport early, you can easily get the refund for the later days. Once your status says issued, you can go and collect passport at embassy after 2:00 PM. Default they will ask you to collect passport 2 days after the interview.

Request for a room in the same building where the receptionist is seated. If u take a room in another building, you don't get wi-Fi at all.

5) make sure you book refundable ticket and not a ticket with insurance of $25.00 or so. Which is useless. Buy a refundable ticket (which is little bit expensive) and cancel that ticket irrespective of your date of travel is same day or not and book a new ticket for cheaper price. Usually Tickets will always be available if you book on the same day also :). That's what I observed.

6) I was there for 7 days and ate almost in every restaurant or fast foods in and around one mile radius.

A) good tender grill chicken sandwich in Burger King ( which we don't get it in United States)

B) Chris gayle bar - have a beer if you want and can try wings (jerk sauce for sure), jerk sandwich (I liked it). Don't drink soup!!. Yuk!!!

I felt it was a decent Bar. can watch NFL/NBA/Soccer games on a big screen :).

C) you can try food in island grill, Pizza Hut, KFC and tandoor Indian restaurant.

D) Pegasus hotel is apposite to Liguanea club (high rise) - inside the hotel there is a cafe. I ordered Asian salad (very good)

E) tandoor restaurant (walkable from Liguanea club) - chicken curry and roti is awesome. Biryani is so so. Roti is exceptional.

F) heard food in tamarind was good, it is near to embassy itseems. I haven't tried. U can request taxi driver to stop at tamarind after your interview or after you pick up your passport and can take a to go order.

G) DO NOT exchange money at places like airport, hotels and fast foods. Exchange at money gram or similar name (I forgot the exact name) just outside Liguanea club (left side) near gas station. They offer a decent exchange rate. One day they have me $105.00 Jamaican dollars for 1USD. The other day they gave 102 something.

7) average whole process at embassy would be 2-3 hours, not more than that for sure. I guess many people explained about process in embassy so I'm skipping it.

Me - Good Morning sir

VO - Good Morning sir

VO - Can I please see your w-2

Me - Handed over latest w-2.

VO - Is this your first H1-B?

Me - Yes sir. (I have my first H1B approved and started on October 1st,2012. I did my amendment in 2013 and it was approved in November, 2013)

VO - How long have been with this company.

Me - Couple of years till now

VO - Which client do your work for?

Me - client name located in *** city

VO - Where do you live?

Me - I live in *** city, 16 miles to my work location. (Not the same city)

VO - What kind of company is it (about ma client)?

Me - They are into management consulting firm.

VO - What do you do for them?

Me - I am a systems analyst. I am into middleware technology and part of team developing a mobile and web app.

VO - Does management consulting also do apps?

Me - Yes sir

VO - What kind of app it is?

Me - so n so.

VO - So this app is to Torture their employees.

Me - I was laughing and explaining other benefits of the app.

VO - We are approving your visa.

Me - Thank you so much. Happy holidays!

VO - you too.

Me - Thank you!

I wrote all of these on my way back to Unites states.

Hope I did a decent job in this post:).

Make sure you carry all documents, do your amendment for sure!!! Do not ignore h1-b amendment if required.

Good luck and all the best to every one!

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What is this ammendment about? Why an ammendment needed?


In 2011, I tried to shift to new company, i worked for them 1 month when my h1 transfer was in process but i lost new contract in a month. so just for one month i had the new employer paystub and W2.


From next month, I was with old employer and still continuing. We did not do any ammendment in 2011, but after 2011 i did extend my H visa twice.


Is there any problem if i go for stamping? will they look at my previous history ?

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Mine is a EVC model. I had a client letter with me. It would be good if the client letter holds client manager name, email and phone number, because in case if sonme one gets a 221g they are contacting via phone and email. I heard the turn around time for a 221g is bit better, say a week mostly.

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