Second stamping with Prostitution charge


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I was arrested for Prostitution charge in Aug 2006. Finger printed. 

Then did all the necessary stuff. Hired a lawyer

Got the charge reduced to disorderly conduct and the futher the case was dismissed and records expunged.

But the court order says

Column 1:- Charge Prostitution

Column 2:Disorderly conduct.


All this happened on F1 visa. Then I went for H1b stamping in Matamoros in 2008 and no questions asked got visa approved. 

Travelled 3-4 times out and in of the country. Never had issues.

Got my 2nd H1 futher.

Never got a chance to travel outside on the 2nd extension of H1B


Then got my I-140 approved after that based on that I-140  have changed the employer.


Now I need to visit India.

Just want to find out if any one has had similar experience.

Would like to hear some suggestions and tips if any.


Thanks is advance.


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