H4 to F1 Visa with 3 yr Old Kid


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I am on H1B visa and my wife recently got admission for Masters on H4 Visa and her plan is to convert to F1 Visa after 2 semesters and the questions which are bothering me are;


1) If my wife converts from H4 to F1, what about my three year old kid who is on H4 Visa now.

2) After converting to F1, can she still be continued on my insurance as a dependant. Because my employer is providing very good health insurance.

3) If my three year old also converts to F2, what about insurance status?




Thanks in advance.


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One, your child is on a dependent H-4 visa based on your H-1B visa.  With respect to immigration status your child's dependent visa has nothing to do with your wife's visa.  (Your child is your dependent for immigration purposes.)


Two, your wife's (and child's) dependent status for health insurance is a matter of the insurance company's policies, and as such there is no way to answer your question.  (In my case, my children changed status to F-1 visas when going to university and continued to be dependent's on my employer provided health insurance.)

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Hi Catx and t75


Thanks for your replies.

I got the confirmation from Insurance company and employer that, my Wife and Child still be continued on same health insurance, which is inline with your replies.

On dependent visa for my child, you cleared my doubt.


Thank You very much once again for the kind response.





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