H1B Stamping New Delhi - No Slip - Administrative Process from one month


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Below is my scenario,

I had been to H1B Stamping on Aug 1st in New Delhi,

VO: Where are you working?

Me: I am employee of ABC company and I am working at XYZ Company.

VO: What are your responsibilities?


VO: Are anyone else from your company working with you?

Me: No

VO: Who will you report to?

Me: Client Manager

VO: So no one from your company supervise your work?

Me: No

He went inside and came after 10 mins.

VO: Sir, We need a written statement from you stating that your work is supervised by client but not by anyone from your company?

Me: I gave the statement.

VO: We would like to process your application and will inform you about the status. Please take all your documents to zz windows they will take the copies and return to you.

I provided all the documents which they took photocopies and returned to me. They returned my passport and took my original I797.

I am working in EVC model.

When ever I call they still tell status as "Administrative Process....".

Did anyone had same experience?

Can I go to for interview to different consulate, without original I797?

If my vendor is ready to transfer H1B, Can I do that and go for stamping again with EC model?

Please do help me with your thoughts.

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