H4 to F1 stamping documents for canada.


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It doesn't matter if it is Canada or other country. Here is the list of documents I remember on top of my head now.


1) I-20

2) Masters Trascripts

3) Bachelors Transcripts

4) GRE/TOEFL/IELTS score cards

5) Passport

6) DS-160 forms

7) Consular Appointment confirmation document

8) US Bank Account Statement / Financial Document

9) Tax Returns

10) Letter from the DSO of University

11) Affidavit


Apart from these, I believe you should carry all those COS documents.


Good luck!

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My wife wants to attend the F1 Visa in Jamaica. We have all the documents which are listed above and the only document we don't have is GRE/TOEFL.

For attending the Visa do we need to have the GRE/TOEFL Scores.


Please share your Visa experience in Canada.


Thanks in Advance

Did she took GRE/TOEFL before getting the admission or not??

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