TIPS - If you are going out of Country for Visa Stamping


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I got my visa stamped successfully last week. I would like to share my experience. I dont mean to scare anyone, and for sure this will not be the same case for everyone.

This would be very helpful for everyone for a smoother process. This is not a speculation. I been there and seen it all. This is out of my personal experience.


First I didnt had any of my friends to go with. I came to know few guys who are going there around the same date. Thanks to Murthy Forums.

Special thanks to Abhilash, he is the initiator of this group, he did all the homework made it easy for rest of the guys by booking the shared accommodation and researching places to explore nearby.

Started with 3 guys and finally the group has become like 10



1. Have your passport, I-797, Return tickets and Visa appointment confirmation handy

2. They know what you are in their country for, tell them you are there for 'US Embassy - Visa stamping' and vacation.

3. Have some local contact information like the address of the hotel you are staying in and phone number.




1. Dress as professional as you can

2. You will be asked to write a local phone number before going for interview.

3. I was not asked for a single documents (except passport and I-797). But still carry as many as you can and put it on the counter when you were called.

        That gives the V.O. and sign that you got all documents and you are well prepared.

4. Schedule interview for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so that you will receive your passport the third day i.e. on or before Friday. So you can spend you weekend peacefully, since you are in a different country.

5. Do not panic, put on a confident smile face. They are not asking any complicated questions, just basic stuff

6. After receiving your stamped passport, verify that your old visa (F1) is cancelled in your passport

7. Also make sure your DS-160 is completed, signed and confirmed at least a week before your interview. One of my friends faced an issue. 

        He completed his DS-160 just one business day before interview, due to which his PIMS was not updated, so he was issued pink slip for further verification, and process delayed.



        I hit the jack pot, i was called for further verification. There are quite a few people (no Indians). But none of them were asked anyquestions. Just verifying in the system and cleared.

1. Do not carry any suspecious items, lot of shopping, or food items that would catch their attention.

2. Travel back during a weekday, beacuse for change of status they emailed my university to verify if I successfully graduated or not. 

Luckily my Univesity people responded during weekend with in 5 mins, otherwise I would be stuck there at the immigration.


Except with a little bit of hard times here and there, we all got our spampings successfully. So there is nothing to worry about.

If i miss anything, I will add more info here.

Good luck, feel free to ask any questions/clarifications.

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