Visa Stamping Approved Vancouver Dec 20th


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Hi All,

My H1b visa stamping got approved on dec 20th in vancouver. Following are the questions i was asked. VO pretty much asked me all the basic questions. Interview lasted for about 10 mins. The order of below questions might be diff from what VO asked but these are all the questions pretty much. Hope this info might be helpful to you all



Questions asked:

1.Is this you first h1b?

1. Do you have an end client?

2. Give me your LCA, DL, Client letter, employer offer letter and W2's?

3. who is your end client and where is it located?

4. what are your job duties and responsibilities at client loc?

5.who is your employer and where is it located?

6. does your employer pay you directly or client pays you?

7. how much do you make?

8. what is your educational background?

9. which univ and when did you graduate?

10. what is the period of time you worked on opt?

11. since when have you been working with your employer?

12. since when have you been working with end client?

13. what is your job title at the end client loc?


Two friends of mine and couple of other people we met had their interviews on 18th, 19th and 20th. Everyone got approved. 




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