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Hi all: Greetings. I have a question.  Would appreciate if someone with an idea can answer.

Q. I got my EAD recently and am thinking of getting a permanent employment.  I have done the PMP certification and would like to change to project management from that of a developers job I had been doing. All this while my employers have been mentioning my designation as a Programmer analyst. My attorney now tells me that the management jobs fall under the major head of 11XXXX while all the programming jobs fall under the head of 15XXXX. The USCIS job classification is appended below.


Can someone advise me if I can apply for IT project management jobs and file the AC 21 without a problem.  Would appreciate a quick answer. Regards to all.


15-1100 Computer Occupations

15-1110 Computer and Information Research Scientists

15-1111 Computer and Information Research Scientists

15-1120 Computer and Information Analysts

15-1121 Computer Systems Analysts

15-1122 Information Security Analysts

15-1130 Software Developers and Programmers

15-1131 Computer Programmers

15-1132 Software Developers, Applications

15-1133 Software Developers, Systems Software

15-1134 Web Developers

15-1140 Database and Systems Administrators and Network Architects

15-1141 Database Administrators

15-1142 Network and Computer Systems Administrators

15-1143 Computer Network Architects

15-1150 Computer Support Specialists

15-1151 Computer User Support Specialists

15-1152 Computer Network Support Specialists

15-1190 Miscellaneous Computer Occupations

15-1199 Computer Occupations, All Other





11-0000 Management Occupations

11-3020 Computer and Information Systems Managers

11-3021 Computer and Information Systems Managers


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